campaign priorities

our might raises our students’ potential

With your generosity, we will invest in three strategically important areas to strengthen Masters for the benefit of our students.

“Over the past twenty years, growth in enrollment and programs has placed added stress on facilities. Buildings and spaces with decades-old designs constrain rather than encourage innovation and engagement. Upgraded spaces that more fully reflect our mission will enable students and teachers to do their best and do it with their might.”

edith c. chapin ’83

Facilities and campus enhancements

$68 Million

Guided by our 2017 campus master plan, Masters will modernize our facilities and campus to align and elevate our students.

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Current programs and operations

$24 Million

While preparing for a bright future, we must also champion the needs of our current students through a robust Masters Fund.

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Financial stability

$18.5 Million

Strengthening our endowment is truly the most compelling investment we can make in the future of Masters that has a real-time impact on the lives of our students.

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