Robust support of today's students

current programs
and operations

$21.5 Million

The present is not secondary to the future. Our current students deserve our full support—our might—to ensure their needs are met year after year.



The Masters Fund ensures that every student is able to benefit from an exemplary program each year, and that our entire 96-acre campus is prepared to help students thrive.


We want every member of our community to have an opportunity to participate in this exciting campaign for The Masters School. In this way, gifts to the Masters Fund offer a concrete representation of our shared purpose from generation to generation.


Whether it’s new lab equipment, transportation to competitions, or supplies for the field or studio, the Masters Fund allows the School to act on opportunities for enrichment that arise during the school year.

Building with all our might

“Gifts to the Masters Fund empower our students to pursue their intellectual and cocurricular interests in equal measure. As a critical aspect of the Masters experience, it is also a critical factor in the success of our campaign and our School’s future.”

Andrew Barnes P’26, ’26

Parent Masters Fund Chair